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Are you an Orelove?

It's a very uncommon spelling. I know. I've been looking for it on the Net and in phone books around the world for many years. Every Orelove I've found so far can be traced back to the Orelove family of Chicago. So, if you are an Orelove, you deserve something all your own. How about an email address on

Here's the deal...

In exchange for your particular branch of family tree or a family anecdote I'll set up an address for you that reads The mail for this address will be forwarded to the email address of your choice. Just let me know what you want your new address to read and the email address for forwarding the mail. This is done at the server level. I will not be reading your mail.

If you change ISP's and your email address changes, just let me know. I will forward your email to the new address. It's that simple. Just give me a few days to make any changes and I'll send a message to both old and new addresses when done.

So, Orelove, send your stuff to and I'll hook you up.

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