Here is some of the stuff Shoshana, Nick, Barb, Stan, The Alaska Connection, and other Orelove family members have been up to lately.

Shoshana (also see her professional resume)

Attended first premiere of movie in which she appeared, "Outer Twilight"--May 2000

Headshots done. Started going on auditions--July 1999

Super speller award--May 1999

Green belt in Shotokan Karate--April 1999

First Grade Student of the Week--April 1999


Nicholas (also see his professional resume)

Attended first premiere of movie in which he appeared, "Outer Twilight"--May 2000

Universal Studios KidsZone commercial--June 1999

Principal in "Flying", Thesis Films--June 1999

Universal Studios CityWalk commercial--May 1999

Photo shoots for HBJ national advertisement and Aqua Leisure catalog--May 1999

WOW! Black belt in Shotokan Karate--April 1999

3rd degree brown belt in Shotokan Karate--January 1999

Cast as "Pilgrim Father" in "Thanksgiving Treasures"--November 1998

Tapes pilot for "Little Kids Dance Party"--October 1998

2nd degree brown belt in Shotokan Karate--October 1998

Photo shoot for HBJ textbook illustrations--October 1998 and January 1999



Experiences Blue Man Group "Tubes" in Boston--October 1999

Drags Stanton to Cher concert--September 1999

Rocks to beat of Blondie--September 1999

Starts own company, "Corporate Concierge"--November 1998



Senior Director, Technology Innovation, Convergys eCRM--March 2000

Senior Director, Advanced Technologies, Convergys Advanced Technology Group--November 1999

Presents "Applying CTI and Internet Technologies in the Contact Center" at DCI CRM Conference/Boston--October 1999

Panelist "Who Is Best Positioned to Support the Home Systems? Billing and Supporting for the New Class of Digital Applications" at Yankee Group Networked Home Symposium/Santa Clara--October 1999

Presents "Tying the Web into your CRM activities - A guide to best practice" at Direct Focus North America '99/San Diego--October 1999

Presents "Internet Technologies for the Contact Center" at ATA 16th Annual Convention/Nashville--October 1999

Teaches "CMG Web Strategies" at Convergys University/Cincinnati--June 1999

Presents "Applying CTI and Internet Technologies in the Call Center" at DCI CRM Conference/San Francisco--April 1999

Director and Solutions Architect, Convergys Advanced Technology Solutions--April 1999

Presents "Applying CTI and Internet Technologies in the Call Center" at DCI CRM Conference/Chicago--February 1999


The Alaska Connection

Gold panning in Alaska (full story)--July 1999

Big Michael tells lawmakers to shut up (full story)--May 1999

Big Michael interprets historical Juneau character for Museum Day (full story)--May 1999

Big Michael's yo-yos make the news (full story)--December 1998

Big Michael carries billionaire's bags (full story)--October 1998


Other Orelove news

Do you see any other news here? Neither do we. Hey Orelove! Send in some stuff!


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